About Our Firm
The three founding partners of Stewart, House LLP, Mark F. Stewart, R. David House and Adam J. Stewart, were all born and raised in the Niagara Region but all three obtained "Big Law" experience at some of the most prestigious law firms in Canada, including Blakes, Dentons, Oslers and Bull, Housser & Tupper. Mark, David and Adam all choose to leave the "Big City", "Big Law Firm" environments to offer their clients the high caliber of legal ability and excellence found at the big national firms, but at more affordable rates while enjoying the balance of life offered to those who live in the beautiful Niagara Region.

Stewart, House LLP prides itself on cost-effective, strategic and thorough solutions to all your legal issues. Whether it is a complex corporate transaction, the tangled web of a commercial dispute or the personal legal services your family needs in real estate transactions, Will drafting or estate administration, Stewart, House LLP is uniquely suited to provide you with the best legal services the Niagara Region has to offer.

How can Stewart, House LLP provide such high caliber of proven legal ability and excellence at reasonable rates? Our Firm is not burdened with high overhead costs that necessitate aggressive billing practices and over-lawyering that can occur in large urban centers and large firms outside the big city centers. At Stewart, House LLP, we keep our business and administrative costs in check helping clients to maximize the value of the services we provide. Our reasonable rates and fee structure reflect our commitment to any client to offer our legal expertise. We don't download onto our clients an excessive overhead burden. Quite simply, we understand the business of law and what that entails in order to provide meaningful and affordable service to our clients. There are no layers of lawyers at our firm. You work with us individually, directly and effectively.

Our Vision
Clients will use Stewart, House LLP as their "go to" legal experts.

Our Mission
To effectively provide caring, compassionate, and creative service and strategic solutions to our clients on a friendly, cost-effective basis.

Our Values
Committed to serving our clients' legal interests with ethics, integrity and fairness.